10 nice things about Fianna Fail.

Fianna Fail: Not as bad as, say, a dose of worms.

Fianna Fail: Not as bad as, say, a dose of worms.

I am occasionally accused of being biased towards one party or the other, with Fianna Fail being particularly upset that I am agin’ them. Therefore, here’s a list of things about FF that I either admire or feel they deserve thanks for, specifically from their last period in government.

1. The infrastructure. You have to give it to them. From Terminal 2 to the Luas to the motorways to the ITs to the Dublin Port Tunnel. We’re better for it.

2. The minimum wage. Some have valid reason to argue against, but they did it when Labour only talked about it.

3. Civil Partnership. I know, the Greens did this, and never got the credit for it, but in fairness to Fianna Fail, they didn’t play the Rick Santorum card either.

4. Same with immigration, with a few notable exceptions. In short, FF’s anchoring to the centre has done the state some good.

5. The Good Friday Agreement. Admittedly, FF came to the idea of power sharing later than either Garrett or the PDs, but they committed to it.

6. Took us into the Euro, something which we benefitted enormously from.

7. Brought in the Carer’s Allowance, a policy that makes sense.

8. Created the Money Advisory Budgeting Service (MABS).

9. Improved Anglo-Irish relations to their best ever, including creating an environment where the British monarch could visit without going all Dealey Plaza on us.

10. I never thought I would say this, but it isn’t Fianna Fail that finally convinced me of the cynical barefaced self-interested lying nature of most Irish politicians. That would be this government.

2 thoughts on “10 nice things about Fianna Fail.

  1. I think point 10 is a bit wishy-washy. You should replace it with the SNAs…I think that’s a solid improvement they made to Irish society.

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