10 Reasons to Vote No to Seanad Abolition.

1. It is right that better educated people like David Norris get two votes compared to the lesser educated classes, who should really know their place.

2. Politicians deserve to have a well-paid special club that they can appoint each other to if the people refuse to elect them to Dail Eireann. Why do you think Seanad elections are held AFTER Dail elections, and not on the same day?

3. The Taoiseach needs somewhere to appoint people like Eoghan Harris.

4. A NO vote will lead to the political system committing to Seanad reform with the same gusto it has shown for a United Ireland, restoring Irish, maintaining neutrality and draining the Shannon.

5. The rumours that the NO campaign is effectively a Fianna Fail front, and that a NO vote will be used by Fianna Fail as an endorsement are a disgrace. Why, just count the number of online campaigners who aren’t members of Fianna Fáil. There must be dozens   quite a few.

6. A NO vote is a vote of trust in Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Labour to reform the Seanad. You can trust them. You know you can.

7. Or a NO vote is a vote of thanks to the hardworking senators and a message to the government to leave the Seanad exactly the way it is.

8. The fact that despite the reality that we have elected 100s of senators we can only all name the same 10 is neither here nor there. Same with all those senators who were appointed to the cabinet.

9. The fact that Seanad reform only became a major issue AFTER abolition became a realistic prospect is pure coincidence, and only a bearded cynic would suggest otherwise.

10. It’s an outrage to suggest that the great majority of Seanad Reformers quite fancy being senators. An outrage!

3 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Vote No to Seanad Abolition.

  1. You forgot 11) We need an unelected league of extraordinary gentlemen to monitor democracy in case we elect someone silly

  2. Tell me, who will reform the Seanad?

    Not Fine Gael.

    Not Labour.

    Not Sinn Fein.

    Not any ULA/Socialist party.

    Fianna Fail? The guys who advocated abolition two years ago and did nothing about reform in their last 10+ years in power?

    Powerless independents?

    Nobody is going to reform the Seanad. Nobody. This is a choice between retention and abolition, nothing more. Selling reform is selling snake-oil.

  3. 1. No it’s not right so let’s reform it
    2. No they don’t so let’s reform it
    3. No he doesn’t so let’s reform it
    4. No it won’t so let’s press for reform
    5. It is a disgrace
    7. No it isn’t
    8. So let’s reform it
    9. Of course it’s not coincidence but so what?
    10. Yes it is

    The 2 sides here boil down to:

    1. Abolish the Seanad and replace it with the Government’s proposals regarding committees, consultation, etc. (which I’m looking forward to reading in the few days between publication and voting)
    2. Retain the Seanad and let the Government reform it in the light of the vote

    In 1 we get no say over what the replacement system will be – and that’s why I’m voting NO.

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