10 things I learnt about politics from watching “Borgen”.

1. A country can function perfectly well with only three journalists, provided they are well resourced and serious about their jobs.

2. Sneaky people are attracted to labour parties, whilst evil people are attracted to conservative ones. Sneaky evil people tend to become tabloid editors.

3. Having a prime minister who can speak foreign languages in a posh and sexy accent is handy.

4. Coalitions are messy, but you can still get things done. After loads and loads of meetings.

5. A woman does not have to be under 40 to be incredibly attractive.

6. Modern politics is absolute hell on families.

7. The middle of the political road is where everybody claims to be until you have to do something.

8. If you want a really awkward political life, have your press secretary sleep with every woman under 30 that he meets.

9. Some people are in politics not just to be, but to do. There is nothing wrong with changing your mind when new facts are presented.

10. The Danish word for thanks is tak.

6 thoughts on “10 things I learnt about politics from watching “Borgen”.

  1. I just finished watching the first series of Borgen. Absolutely first class. And I’m jealous that Denmark’s politicians seem to spend so little time running clinics, attending funerals, and calling for public enquiries into every actual or supposed scandal.

    One thing puzzles me: is the Danish Prime Minister so poorly paid that she can’t afford some home help to keep domestic chaos at bay, particularly when her marriage is at stake?

  2. Have you noticed the rather vulgar Danish “for helvede” has a number of alternative translations into English? Not so many “undskyld”s this series either…

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