10 things the Mahon Report tells us about the Irish nation.

Which created which? Bertie or our culture?

Which created which? Bertie or our culture?

1. We are pretty much incapable of organising anything complex in this country without spending vast sums of money that would not need to be spent in other countries for the same result.

2. We have probably spent more investigating corruption than the actual cost to society of those same specific incidents of corruption.

3. There is nothing revealed about Bertie Ahern that we did not know about him in 2007 when we re-elected him Taoiseach for the third time. In short, we do not see corruption as a big issue.

4. We will be stunned if anyone goes to jail for this.

5. The political parties will not implement, nor will the great mass of the public demand, any serious effort to prevent corruption like this occurring again.

6. Five years from now, it will be hard to point to any good reason as to why the tribunal was worth holding in the first place.

7. A small number of people in the legal profession will be dead earlier than expected, due to the extravagant lifestyle funded by the tribunal. There will be a small increase in the occurrence of gout in Irish society.

8. No one will ask the obvious question: why do we not have a group of dedicated men and women,  a national “police force”, if you will, that could investigate crimes, you know, like corruption?

9. Is there anyone who does not believe that we will be looking at a similar scandal within the next twenty years?

10. Finally, when one looks at every institution that failed to prevent this, from the Garda to party leaders and ministers, one can’t help thinking that the one thing that united them all was not party or political belief or family, but our culture. If one person holding one of those positions had not been from this country, and believed in actually putting the duties of their position first, things would have been quite different.

2 thoughts on “10 things the Mahon Report tells us about the Irish nation.

  1. Ah begorrah, sure we all knew. And he had the ashes on him of an Ash Wednesday. Sure why would we want to know the truth. All them West Brit barristers and their fancy words. Sure they have more money than dear oul Bertie. Up the Repubbelic.

  2. I beg to differ. Ireland needed this tribunal to be reminded that Fianna Fail never ever stood for anything other than material gain for the few cute gobsbite hoors. With a fair wind they’ll disband now and we can have intelligent discourse with politicians who do not treat us as retards at every turn. Ask yourself – what has FF stood for since 1960 that other parties had not already led on beforehand? Mahon has exposed the vacuity of the FF notion of politics. For that we should be grateful. See it as a wake up call. Let Mahon and the unfinished tiger construction projects be their memorial.

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