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Poll shows Irish voters opposed Lisbon because of threat of Martian Invasion.

Posted by Jason O on Dec 30, 2008 in Lisbon Treaty, Not quite serious.

Take me to your treaty ratifying mechanism!
A new study commissioned by the Government has revealed that Irish voters voted against the Lisbon treaty because they feared it would lead to an intergalactic invasion of Ireland and our subjugation by Martian Overlords.
Pollsters revealed that although there is no actual mention of Mars in the treaty, or indeed any proof of life on the red planet, Irish voters still “felt” that the politicians were hiding the facts from them.
Pollsters also found that some voters believed that abortion, conscription and gay marriage were somehow associated with the treaty, and that the treaty would cause laundry to shrink, tape over last night’s Emmerdale, cause erectile dysfunction, and make women’s bums look big in the new trousers they got in the Christmas sales.

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