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The Green Party: Spamming?

Posted by Jason O on Jan 13, 2009 in Irish Politics

John Gormley, Winner of the Nice Guy in Politics 2008 AwardAdrian Weckler makes a fair point about a recent issue where the Green Party were accused of spamming. Are political parties different from commercial concerns?

Yes, they are. It’s not unreasonable for a party to want to communicate, in fact, the budgets that political parties have to try and get their messages through the fog of ordinary commercial advertising are miniscule. Yet political parties have a greater effect on our daily life than Coke or McDonalds.

Sure, the cynics will rant about political parties being all the same (Anyone who has ever met Michael McDowell and Joe Higgins will tell you that such cynics are actually morons.) but show me the great achieving cynic?

Did Jesus say  “We’re wasting our time, Judaism and the Roman religions are just too well entrenched. I’m going back to making coffee tables and maybe an attractive occasional table.”

Did Dr. King say ” Civil rights? You people are screwing with me! You think whitey will ever elect a black guy president?”

 Me,  I’d cut the Greens some slack on this. As parties go, despite their support of our moronic policy on neutrality, they’re not the worst. John Gormley’s a pretty decent guy.


Great books you should read: The Fallout

Posted by Jason O on Jan 13, 2009 in Just stuff

The Consistant Liberal's Bible.It was only when reading this that I realised that I wasn’t alone.

Here was my predicament. I’m a liberal.  I supported Barack Obama and gay rights and the EU and the welfare system and generally, regard war as the very last option. I didn’t support the British Tories or President Bush’s Republicans and regard the hard right in the US and the UK as headbangers.

Yet I supported invading Afghanistan, in fact, I could even see an argument for doing it before 9/11. Because I could see women’s rights and gay rights and freedom of speech and religious feedom and democracy itself being oppressed by the Taliban, and as I read stories of female Afghan teachers being murdered because they had the audacity to teach Afghan girls to read I started wondering. How can we stand aside from this?

But it got worse. We now have demonstrations where alleged feminists and progressives go on marches against America alongside radical Islamists who would beat and jail those same women if they dared dress and march the way they do in the same countries they wish to “liberate” from the West.

Honestly, who do you believe will respect gay rights or women’s rights more? George Bush or Hamas? Why is a Christian fundamentalist who attacks gays a bigot, but a Muslim who does it should be respected for his cultural diversity?

Andrew Anthony tells the interesting story of how a man who still regards himself as a tolerant liberal started asking questions about the liberal sacred cows that we dare not challenge. A good read.


The shocking lack of self awareness amongst Oompa Lumpas in Dundrum Shopping Centre.

Posted by Jason O on Jan 13, 2009 in Not quite serious.

Oompa lumpa perma tan you, i went to Alex too!Aside from being possibly one of the more unusual post titles of the year, I’d like to draw readers attention to a phenomenon I witnessed in Dundrum Shopping Centre. Clusters of orange schoolgirls. I know, there’s nothing new about that, but what struck me was that when they stood beside other non-orange people it was so absolutely jarring that I wondered, are they aware of it? Do they comment on the non-orangeness of others, or is there just a conspiracy amongst them not to mention it.

Or will there be an Emperor’s New Clothes when one suddenly goes “F**king hell, we’re all orange!”

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