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The European Defence Agency is coming to get you! Wooo!

Posted by Jason O on Jan 14, 2009 in Events, Lisbon Treaty

You shall ratify the treaty and know the power of THE DARK SIDE!One of the bits of political dog poo being waved at the end of the No vote stick is the European Defence Agency, which is in the Lisbon treaty.

The way the No crowd describe it, I had visions of huge ranks of elite EU stormtroopers ready to deploy from their underground lair and crush Europe’s opponents with a stunning array of lethal but environmentally sensitive weaponry.

So I looked up the EDA’s website, hoping to catch a glimpse of our mighty aircraft carrier Charlemagne, or the mighty battlecruiser Giscard.

Boy, was I disappointed. Have a look.  Aircraft carrier?  No such luck. They do have, however, a “Code of Best Practice in the Supply Chain.” The EDA is basically about stopping EU countries getting screwed when buying helmets. Yes, of course it is about weapons procurement too, but so what? Don’t we want our soldiers to have the best available equipment at the most cost effective price? Don’t the husbands, wives and kids of our soldiers want them to have the best available body armour or means to defend themselves when they are protecting refugees in Chad?

Sure, Sinn Fein object to us spending money on the security forces, but don’t tell me that that certain balaclava wearing gentlemen didn’t haggle when they were buying armalites. (Ah go on! Throw in a kilo of Semtex with every 50 rifles. Now, what about our frequent bomber points?)   

Let’s be honest, they’ve never been too hot about ensuring the safety of our soldiers and Gardai. Fact is, Sinn Fein have a grudge about the PDF. Hell, I’ve met Sinn Fein people who even refuse to call them the army.

By the way, I did a search of the word “Conscription” on the site. Maybe there was a secret plan. Got 34 hits. Of the word “draft”. For draft accounts, draft consultancy papers, draft discussion documents. 

I’ll tell you one thing: We may not have much in the line of weapons, but if the EU ever gets into a Paperwork War with someone, they’re screwed.


Where are the protests?

Posted by Jason O on Jan 14, 2009 in Events

It's ok! He's not American!Interesting piece in The New York Times yesterday about acid been thrown in the face of schoolgirls in Afghanistan. Funny how the Usual Crowd (You know who you are.) don’t say much about this sort of thing. If  NATO troops were sytematically engaged in trying to stop Afghan girls from being educated you’d have them on the streets.

Still, there are no Jews, Americans or Brits involved, so why would they complain? It’s the man they’re interested in, not the ball.


How Fianna Fail think.

Posted by Jason O on Jan 14, 2009 in Irish Politics

Dangerous intellectual: An FF TD who reads things. Proper books, like!Quoted in The Irish Times today, junior minister Martin Mansergh said ” I am the most junior of the junior ministers,” he said. “I am the last. I am obviously prepared to place my office at the disposition of the Taoiseach if the decision was to reduce [numbers]. I would go without fuss or protest.”

In other words, openly admitting that junior ministers are appointed not by skill or talent or policy knowledge (And let’s be honest: Mansergh is smarter than two thirds of the cabinet combined.) but on the principle of last in, first out?


Taxi driver formally launches sentimental backlash over end of PDs.

Posted by Jason O on Jan 14, 2009 in Irish Politics, Not quite serious.

City centre to Crumlin? That'll be four million Euro please, love.

Collecting a fare from the airport to Clontarf at 2:53pm last Friday, Taxi driver Joe Murphy announced that it was now the considered opinion of the Irish people that a party like the Progressive Democrats was badly needed by the country, and that “that Michael McDowell, now, you knew where you stood, and he didn’t take any nonsense, oh no!”

He then proceeded to share his opinions on the vagaries of pigeon racing, Portsmouth Football Club and the race for cold nuclear fusion, pointing out that he knew a fella in Leixlip who had solved the problem, but the ESB were hushing it up.  

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