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An Occasional guide to Irish Politics: The Deputy “whose seat is gone.”

Posted by Jason O on Jan 16, 2009 in Irish Politics, Not quite serious.

Sure, the politically astute dogs in the street know it!You’ll see him about 18 months before the expected election, fidgeting and wild-eyed. Questions about poster quantities to be ordered trigger a manic response: “ Posters? Sure why bother? The dogs in the streets know it. The. Seat. Is. Gone.”

“Everybody” knows that your man, that Shinner, is a dead cert to take the seat.

“ A dead cert. Why are we even bothering to have the election? We might as well just award him the seat. Sure, I’m surprised he hasn’t got a running mate for a run at the last seat.”

The deputy can be seen slinking slope shouldered into old folks homes, sighing and pondering as to how the constituency, whom he has loyally served for twenty years, could vote for a fella who used to blow up people. And what about his running mate? Sure what does he need two quotas for anyway? The old dears console him with a chocolate digestive and a nice sit down.   

Of course, he runs a full campaign, but not to win, perish the thought, sure that’s impossible. He’s just running to keep the party flag flying, really. Only in Ireland does a candidate brag about how badly he’s doing, but not too badly.

He grudgingly accepts, without anyone actually asking him the question, that he supposes it could be possible that he might squeeze into the fifth seat on the nineteenth count without reaching the quota if it were a nice day, and all the people he’s helped through the years turned out, but that the Shinner probably “ has it all locked up, with military precision.” He says ominously.

The day after polling day, the deputy comfortably takes the second seat on the third count, but assures everyone that it is a dead cert that this is the last time he’ll hold the seat, no doubt about it. His “safe as houses” running mate’s vote collapses and he loses his seat.



Sinn Fein: De Facto Puppets of the Tory Right?

Posted by Jason O on Jan 16, 2009 in Irish Politics, Lisbon Treaty

Don't touch my hair!David Cameron has said that if he is elected prime minister this year, he will call a referendum on the Lisbon treaty, which means that we will have a bizarre scenario whereby Sinn Fein will be campaigning in the North alongside the DUP, the Tories, the BNP and UKIP, against Labour, the Lib Dems and Alliance, the SDLP and the Greens. Talk about needing a shower. 

I look forward to Sinn Fein trying to explain to their voters how the Tories (Who think the treaty is too pro-workers rights)  the DUP (Who think the EU is, well, full of taigs.) the BNP (Great friends of Irish nationalism, them.) and UKIP ( One former UKIP MEP referred to Ireland as “a land of peasants, priests and pixies.” Lovely people.) share the same analysis of the EU that Sinn Fein does, or how a rejection of a treaty which will be cheered by the worst kind of little Englander thatcherites is somehow good for Irish progressives.

The fact is, the great majority of opponents of the EU across Europe are the hard right.

A No vote will be a victory for the hard right.

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