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Want a western lifestyle? Live in a western country. And vice versa.

Posted by Jason O on Jan 22, 2009 in Just stuff

Is it not disgraceful that she is completely naked under her clothes? The harlot!This story was in the London Independent today.  Someone lives in a backward country and is (Shock! Horror!) affected by their backward laws.  Don’t like it, don’t live there.

The same applies to living in the West. Want to live in a judgemental theocracy where some sections of society are treated as second class citizens? Fine. Piss off to Saudi Arabia, so.

Neocon? Me?


Sinn Fein’s All Ireland approach supports Dundalk shoppers going North, right?

Posted by Jason O on Jan 22, 2009 in Irish Politics

Go North young man!Gerry Adams spoke last night about that great SF panacea to all problems, an “All Ireland” approach. Honest to jaysus, if you stubbed your toe SF would be demanding an All Ireland response.

But surely shoppers in Dundalk, Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan are putting that All Ireland approach into practice by going North for what they believe are better prices.  Yes, it is costing jobs down here in stores like Superquinn, but isn’t this an actual Sinn Fein policy in action?

Fair play to the likes of Arthur Morgan TD (Louth) being willing to back the party and the national policy at the cost of local jobs in Dundalk.  A man of principle, no doubt.


In some countries, people do get held responsible for their actions.

Posted by Jason O on Jan 22, 2009 in Irish Politics

You won't need that white collar where you're going. Watching the Anglo Irish thing, you can’t help wondering how in Ireland nobody ever goes to jail for dodgy practices.

Good job they don’t live in China.


An occasional guide to Irish Politics: The Amateur Opinion Poll Spinner.

Posted by Jason O on Jan 22, 2009 in Irish Politics, Not quite serious.

I don't know anything about that but I feel strongly about it!

He’s the bore to beat all bores, the one who extrapolates election results down to the last seat in the Feckerstown ward even though the election is 17 years away.

But it gets worse. Not only is he a moron, he’s a partisan moron. If his party is up a fraction of a percent, he declares as fact that his party could run a rotting headless corpse in a given seat and still have a surplus quota. But if the party drops an iota, the poll is immediately dismissed as an abberation, not comparing like with like, obviously rigged by the pollsters who are of course in the pockets of the other crowd.

He’s on Politics.ie at the sniff of a poll, cheerleading for his crowd and fingerpointing at the others, racking up posts the way, well, proper political activists rack up first preferences for their candidate.

Still, could be worse. At least he’s at home out of harm’s way, rather than sitting on the bus beside you and overwhelming you with a toxic wave of body odour and Monster Munch as he flicks through Nealon’s Guide to the 1987 general election and sweats.



Posted by Jason O on Jan 22, 2009 in Just stuff

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