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Libertas: Just plain odd?

Posted by Jason O on Mar 5, 2009 in Irish Politics, Lisbon Treaty

Time to be clear.

Time to be clear.

I  could easily have been a member of Libertas. Some of Declan Ganley’s espousals of things like a directly elected President of the EU hold real appeal for me. On top of that, I find his unashamed pro-Americanism to be quite refreshing in a country that the US has been nothing but a good friend to despite our constant bitching.

Having said that, when I read the likes of this in today’s Irish Times I can’t help but wonder: What the hell is Libertas at? Why is a man who actively supports the concept of European unity constantly trying to recruit ardent eurosceptics? And not just eurosceptics, but oddballs too. Take Czech president Vaclav Klaus. A climate change denier. Or Viscount Phillipe De Villiers of France, who wants to scrap the Euro. 

Does Declan Ganley support either of these positions? Probably not. But how can voters be asked to vote for a pan European Libertas ticket if Libertas means different things in different countries? Declan Ganley has very clear views on his Catholic faith, gay marriage and abortion, which are perfectly acceptable to many in Ireland. Will Libertas voters in the UK or Sweden know that they are voting for those views?

If  Declan Ganley is serious, it’s time for Libertas to publish a clear, comprehensive manifesto as to what ALL it’s candidates stand for on all the issues facing Europeans.         

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