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A collection of Fianna Fail Mouthbreathers.

Posted by Jason O on Mar 6, 2009 in Irish Politics

Harry McGee’s blog about the FF Ard Fheis, and the “Jaysus! I might get on the telly” crowd staring into the camera like, as Bill Hicks would say,  a dog being shown a card trick. From today’s Irish Times here.  Very funny.


Fascist goo attack.

Posted by Jason O on Mar 6, 2009 in Just stuff

(Pic: Plane Sense)

Fascist? That’s a bit harsh, isn’t it? Is it? A bunch of unelected people don’t like a certain public policy. Fair enough. So they decide to disrupt it? Who gave them the power? Just because it is Peter Mandelson, who tends to be unpopular because he isn’t afraid to take on unpopular causes, doesn’t make it right. The Irish public sector, for example, can put 100,000 on the street. Therefore, should they run the country because they’re the best organised mob?

Things can’t be decided by unelected mobs. Start with that and we end up with illiterate thugs burning paediatricians out of their homes.

In fairness, it says something about British cabinet ministers, that the UK is still a country where you can do stuff like this and not get shot dead. Let’s see these guys try something like that with President Obama.


Where’s my bleeding money?

Posted by Jason O on Mar 6, 2009 in Irish Politics, Just stuff, Lisbon Treaty, Not quite serious.
Oi! Where's my wad?

Oi! Where's my wad?

As some of you may know, during the Lisbon referendum I wrote, with help, a document called the Spoofer’s Guide to the Lisbon treaty, which was quite well received in some quarters.

There have been some positive spinoffs from it for me. However, I occasionally come across remarks on some sites declaring things like ” I must say it really looks professionally produced – for a guy who says he works in the construction industry. Which begs the question who paid for it?” (See here)

No one PAID for it. If someone had offered to pay me for it, I would have taken the hand off them, but they didn’t! It was researched by a very talented member of the legal profession, edited by a very dedicated political activist, laid out by an exceptionally skilled graphic designer, and written by me.  No one got paid.

But here’s the thing: What surprises me most about remarks like this is that there seem to be so many people out there who just can’t comprehend giving their time for free to a project like this. Which is kind of sad.


When people see us as we actually are.

Posted by Jason O on Mar 6, 2009 in Irish Politics, Lisbon Treaty

Germany: A friend we keep dicking around.

Derek Scally in yesterday’s Irish Times. Well worth reading here.

Is there anything more embarrassing than a country which thinks it’s being clever whilst it is actually being pitied by other nations? It’s a very unattractive quality of the Irish psyche, a belief in the nobility of trickery mixed with victim-hood. To see the phrase “begging bowl” being used in context with Ireland, a phrase I thought we’d banished, is shameful.

It’s a colonial Dublin Castle mentality, an idea that we are not really in charge of our own destiny but that the big man in the big house has the power and by a mixture of charm and thievery might we get what we want. It permeates our politics, to the extent that we witness cabinet ministers “calling” for the government to do something, as if they have nothing to do with it.

It’s just plain pathetic. But then, dignity and honour are not things we’re big on as a people.

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