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Fine Gael’s new logo. A sphincter?

Posted by Jason O on Mar 27, 2009 in Irish Politics

From the always readable Maman Poulet.  


Hunny Monster dies, nation mourns.

Posted by Jason O on Mar 27, 2009 in Not quite serious.

There's another angel in heaven tonight.

The Hunny Monster, beloved corporate spokesperson for Sugar Puffs has died today after a long illness.
Speaking from his home, long time friend and partner The Monkey From The Coco Pops Ad said “ He had as big a heart as he was, well, big. When things were wild in the eighties, when my smack problem was wiping me out, he was there for me. I remember once being out of my head, and he forced me to go to a counsellor. I was so negative, but he didn’t give up on me. He turned my milk brown.”
The Prime Minister has sent his condolences, outlining the huge contribution the Hunny Monster made to modern British culture.
Tony the Tiger said that the news was “Trrrrragic!”

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