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Dave the Penguin was adamant that no whale was having the last Polo mint.

Posted by Jason O on Jun 16, 2009 in Just stuff


Put a member of Ogra FF into the Seanad. Or a dead camel.

Posted by Jason O on Jun 16, 2009 in Irish Politics

A meeting of the Kevin Barry Cummann yesterday.

A meeting of the KBC yesterday.

I see that some members of Ogra FF have started a campaign here on Facebook to get one of their own elected/appointed to one of the Seanad vanancies. It is an interesting idea, or at least, would be, if Ogra was full of vigourous new voices speaking out for their vision  of Irish politics and Fianna Fail.

But that isn’t the case, indeed, the people I’ve met in Ogra, whilst being intelligent (The ones that aren’t wearing their communion suit, smelling of wee, and breathing through their mouths like Gary Glitter at Disney on Ice, at least), are almost hardwired against saying anything in public or in front of each other about any political issue. When they do speak, it’s that treacle nonsense (“We need the country to come together in these difficult times to support the government as it makes the tough but necessary decisions whilst protecting the weak and improving competitiveness”……bleagh!) that pours out of young FFers.

The fact is, Ogra is like a crowd of camels. Sloping around looking suspiciously at each other with a big store of guff to last them through the political wasteland that is FF. When they aren’t trying to f**k each other, either over or literally.

Note: By the way, if any member of Ogra would like to offer a spirited defence, get in touch. I won’t hold my breath. I know how FFers don’t like, you know, writing things down. But the offer stands.      


Great TV you should be watching: The Shield.

Posted by Jason O on Jun 16, 2009 in Movies/TV/DVDs

The Shield: Not quite the good guys.

The Shield: Not quite the good guys.

“The Shield” is proof that we are actually living in television’s golden age, if only because so many of you haven’t heard of it. The fact is, there is now so much good US TV around that we can’t possibly see it all,    and as a result shows like “The Shield” are pushed to late night slots on TV3 where they are never seen except by the drunk and the stoned and the drunk having sex with a slice of still warm pizza stuck to their bum.

The show centres around a special anti-gang “strike team” operating in a poor Los Angeles neighbourhood, led by possibly the greatest TV anti-hero of all, (At least until Dr. Gregory House came along.), Vic Mackey. Mackey is played by a brooding, thuggish Michael Chiklis, who will stun anyone who remembers him from the gentle family comedy drama “The Commish”. Indeed, the whole ensemble cast is superb, in particular Jay Karnes’s socially inept but dogged detective Holland “Dutch” Waggenbach.

The show is rough and hugely politically incorrect, but what really defines it is its moral greyness. Mackey and his team, indeed most of the characters, are either corrupt or at least compromised, and yet when you see what they have to face on a daily basis one can’t help rooting for them. Viewers find themselves hoping that Mackey prevails as he steals drug money from the dealers. One scene in particular, when Mackey faces off against a paedophile who has kidnapped a young girl will turn even the staunchest liberal into a right wing lynchmobber.  

As I said, this is adult drama, and as I’ve said before: Go on, treat yourself.  




What Irish political parties stand for in 99 words.

Posted by Jason O on Jun 16, 2009 in Irish Politics

Fianna Fail: Remaining in power. Willing to fiddle around the edges of status quo as long as  major stuff isn’t touched.

Fine Gael: Not being  Fianna Fail. Willing to fiddle around the edges slightly more because of Labour but not really willing to touch major stuff.

Labour: Ethical, genuine about social reform. Unwilling to recognise fact that  wealth that funds  public sector is primarily generated by private sector.

Greens: Ethical, genuine about environment. Stunned by responsibility and blame of being in government, and only beginning to realise that the Irish people don’t equate policy achievement with keeping political promises.

Sinn Fein: Struggling to distance itself from more “unconventional” approaches to politics. Slowly moving away from anglophobia, but still unwilling to have an economic policy which balances proposed spending with non-magical taxation.

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