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Great DVDs you should see: Path to War.

Posted by Jason O on Jul 10, 2009 in Movies/TV/DVDs

How the best and the brightest failed.

How the best and the brightest failed.

The recent passing of Robert S. McNamara reminded me of an excellent HBO drama on the subject of American policy in Vietnam. “Path to War” starrred Alec Baldwin in a surprisingly touching role as JFK and LBJ’s defence secretary, and Michael Gambon as LBJ. Based on Robert Dallek’s award winning biography of Johnson, the film focuses on the period from LBJ’s landslide reelection in 1964 up to his decision not to run again in 1968.

What’s fascinating about the story is its explanation of how the calm, rational escalation in Vietnam came about, and how both men became tortured by their decisions. It also depicts LBJ’s battle for civil rights, including a wonderful scene when Johnson faces down racist Alabama governor George Wallace.

The movie also stars Donald Sutherland as McNamara’s sucessor, Clark Clifford, and is well worth viewing purely as a intriguing example of how essentially decent, intelligent people just screw up.


We now know what sort of people the Greens are.

Posted by Jason O on Jul 10, 2009 in Irish Politics

They had their chance. Wipe them out.

They had their chance. Wipe them out.

This is, I hope, my last posting on this issue. I know, I’ve been gnawing away at it like a dog with a leg of lamb, but I’m so livid at the Green Party. Just before the European elections, I got an email from Deirdre de Burca. This is what it said:

 ” The proposed legislation on Blasphemy is something that has been mooted by Minister Dermot Ahern. It has not been discussed at Cabinet. My party is not in favour of legislating for it – we see many problems in what is being proposed. We cannot prevent the Minister of a given department from flagging something that he wishes to take action on, but it is incorrect of you to say that my party will vote for the proposed measure.”

Deirdre de Burca was the senator who then rushed into the house to vote it through.

What have we learnt from this sorry affair? We find ourselves in the bizarre position of finding, on this issue, that Fianna Fail are actually the more honourable of the two parties in government. The Green Party cannot be trusted, and those of us who regard ourselves as being on the progressive wing of Irish politics, either on the centre-left or centre-right, should regard the destruction of the Green Party as a clear objective. A bit harsh?  I don’t think so. Despite all their talk, the party has gone from failing to deliver on issues (Shannon) to actually doing the direct opposite of what they espoused.

The treacherous stain of the Green Party needs to be wiped from Irish politics, to restore some sense of honour, and most of all, to serve as a lesson to future FF coalition partners.

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