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PANA calls for army to use special “give-a-hug” bullets.

Posted by Jason O on Sep 16, 2009 in Irish Politics, Lisbon Treaty

The Irish Defence Forces: PANA wants to create the world's first arms-free army?

The Irish Defence Forces: PANA wants to create the world's first arms-free army?

Alright, so I’m taking the piss, but seriously: PANA have lost the plot. Carol Fox from PANA spoke at a press conference attacking the Defence bill going through the Oireachtas. Below is from The Irish Times (Kitty Holland.)

 ” Dáil and Government approval will now be required before Ireland can be involved in certain armaments programmes, but the guidelines for that approval are nonsensical.” Quoting the Bill, she said the Government was saying it would support weapons systems and capabilities that would enhance ‘UN mandated missions engaged in peace keeping, conflict prevention and the strengthening of international security. Short of nuclear weapons, this could apply to nearly any weapons system in the world,” said Ms Fox. “It’s hard to imagine Government Ministers sitting around a Cabinet table determining whether weapons systems are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and ensuring that only UN mandated soldiers will be firing those weapons.”

In other words, PANA are basically anti-weapon, in that in their purist world the Defence Forces should not really be dirtying their hands with stuff that kills people, or worse case scenario, have only “defensive” weapons? Body armour, but no rifles, maybe?

PANA assumes that the world is just full of reasonable people. It isn’t. Ask anyone who lives in southern Manhattan.

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