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UKIP’s two faces on worker’s rights.

Posted by Jason O on Sep 17, 2009 in Irish Politics, Lisbon Treaty

UKIP: Two faces on worker's rights.

UKIP: Two faces on worker's rights.

UKIP are currently delivering leaflets calling on Irish workers to vote No to protect worker’s rights. Yet that’s not what they say in Britain.

Here’s John Whittaker, a UKIP MEP:

” …But, unlike the United States of the 1930s, this adjustment is made more difficult in today’s Britain by our elaborate structure of employment law that holds up wages, provides for generous benefits, makes severance difficult and generally makes labour markets inflexible. Given all the costs and red tape involved in employing labour, it will be a long time before any small businessman with a brain considers taking on more staff again.

It is a measure of the extreme detachment of the European Union that at this time when all member states are facing severe economic difficulties, they continue to insist on rules that make life even harder for business, for instance, statutory employment rights for temporary workers.”

UKIP: Friend of the workers?

You can see the full text here.


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