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Racism, Irish Style.

Posted by Jason O on Oct 30, 2009 in Irish Politics

My brother was recently having a cup of coffee with a female Polish friend, during which her boyfriend departed to his second job. As my brother continued the conversation, he suddenly became aware of a hand appearing in front of his face. He looked up to see a large pregnant girl in a tracksuit, with her hand outstretched in front of him, as she busily texted someone on her mobile phone. My brother caught her attention (Well, she was very busy!) just long enough to say that he had no money. The Polish girl said the same thing. On hearing the Polish girl’s accent, the Irish girl pointed at her and declared ” You’re what’s wrong with this country!” My brother snapped, and ate the head off the girl, pointing out that the Polish girl and her boyfriend both work and pay taxes, whilst this layabout goes around expecting other people to bale her out. She waddled off, irate.

I know who  I’d throw out of the country. Clue: She doesn’t speak Polish. 

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