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Tiger Woods to acquire black mistress to show commitment to racial equality.

Posted by Jason O on Dec 14, 2009 in Not quite serious.

Tiger Woods: I latter day Martin Luther King.

Tiger Woods: I latter day Martin Luther King.

World famous golfer Eldrick “Tiger” Woods has pledged to take an African American woman as his next mistress, pledging his belief in an America where adultery knows no racial barriers. Speaking from his bunker (sic) he told reporters ” Like Martin Luther King before me, I’ve never seen colour as an issue when it came to getting some lovely into the sack. To paraphrase Dr. King, I do not judge woman by the colour of their skin, but by the content of her tight-fitting teeshirt.”

Former President Bill Clinton endorsed the golfer’s decision. “For years, I tried my best to share my love across racial, religious, international and even bodysize divides, so I applaud Tiger’s decision. In fact, if he’s developed a taste for icy blondes who can’t keep their mouths shut, I might be able to help him out.”

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