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The two Sinn Feins.

Posted by Jason O on Jan 11, 2010 in Irish Politics

Sinn Fein are demanding that Cllr. Killian Forde, who has joined Labour, resign his seat, as it is a “Sinn Fein seat”. Hmm. Curiously, they didn’t do the same thing here. Yet again, SF saying one thing  on one side of the border, and another thing on the other side. Shockin’ partitionism, just shockin’.   


Leave Noel Dempsey alone!

Posted by Jason O on Jan 11, 2010 in Irish Politics

Noel Dempsey: Some people seem to expect him to be shovelling snow himself.

Noel Dempsey: Some people seem to expect him to be shovelling snow himself.

The hysteria over Noel Dempsey’s holidays says far more about the state of the Irish media than it does about the transport minister. I mean, seriously, where exactly is the damage in him not being here? Which decisions are not being made? The fact is, this is classic lazy journalism, playing the man (any man will do) as opposed to actually covering a proper story. It’s like saying that no crimes get investigated when the Garda commissioner is on his holidays. The coverage of John Gormley is no better, where one paper tried to paint him as a snarling ogre. Large chunks of our media are not serving us well.  


If there was one value…

Posted by Jason O on Jan 11, 2010 in Irish Politics

irish-flagIf there was one value that would define your politics, what would it be? Sure, it’s easy to say something like “Look after the weak” but that’s a vague cop-out, and most people who say that don’t believe it really. If they did, they’d let homeless people sleep in their houses. No, I’m talking about a value which you do actually believe and follow, and informs how you live your life and how you vote. I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently, and I think I have it, for me, anyway. It is, quite simply:

” Leave me alone, and I’ll leave you alone.”

It sums up my attitude to taxes, social issues, and foriegn affairs. It’s the ultimate human right. It says that if you wish to wear a burka, that’s your business, but if you try to force it on someone against their will, you are wrong. It says that equal respect should be given to the person who pays tax as much as the person who receives it, and that I will decide where my money goes, including to help those less well off than me, not you. It also says that your pollution is my business if it effects me, whereas if you want to sit at home and smoke 100 cigerettes a day, that’s not my concern. It says that if you want to marry a gay, that’s your thing, and if you are opposed to gay marriage, then don’t get married to one.

Is that value really so unique, so unusual? Is it too much to expect a party, a party of freedom, to espouse that? Is it too much to think that 5-10% of Irish voters might even vote for it? 


The Seafarer.

Posted by Jason O on Jan 11, 2010 in Just stuff

the-seafarerWould recommend with enthusiasm Conor McPherson’s “The Seafarer” currently on in The Abbey.

Was dramatic, funny, and set in a recognizable Ireland as opposed to the “Suffrin'” Ireland so beloved by  writers. Very strong cast, with Don Wycherley (of Bachelors Walk fame, although he probably hates that) showing a real talent for slapstick physical comedy.

This is good stuff, don’t miss it.

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