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One day, someone will take a picture of an owl who doesn’t look pissed off.

Posted by Jason O on Jan 13, 2010 in Not quite serious.
I'm son angry with you, twit twoo!

I'm so angry with you, twit twoo! (Pic by Pixdaus.)


America needs a Centre Party.

Posted by Jason O on Jan 13, 2010 in US Politics

us-flagPeople are complicated. You can be in favour of low taxes, gun ownership, and a balanced budget, which defines you, in American eyes,  as a conservative. Yet what if you also support same sex marriage, are secular, and oppose the death penalty, classic liberal positions? Who on Earth do you vote for?

US politics is banjaxed by the fact that the primary systems force candidates to pander to extremes, and then a two party electoral system ( With fixed districts) which pits the products of this malfunctioning system against each other, if redistricting hasn’t actually rigged the election before a single vote is cast. Where does the middle of the road voter go?

America needs a centre party, which is essentially libertarian in outlook, and tells the left to keep their hands off people’s wallets, and the right to keep their religious beliefs to themselves. And it  needs the single transferable vote, to allow for moderate voters, who represent a majority of American voters, to vote for such an option without splitting the vote of right or left and letting the other guy squeak through.

Well, that’s what I think, anyhow. Any of my American readers (And I know I have them) like to reply?

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