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Fianna Fail and Fine Gael stand for legitimate policy goals. Honestly.

Posted by Jason O on Jan 21, 2010 in Irish Politics

A glacier seen moving through an FF policy meeting yesterday.

A glacier seen moving through an FF policy meeting yesterday.

I, like many others, have tended to give FF and FG an unfair press. To those of us not in those parties it has always been a puzzle. Why would anyone interested in politics, that is, the implementation of ideas, join either? Then it dawned on me. Doing nothing is a legitimate policy platform. If one benefits from the status quo, then it is entirely proper for one to join a party that believes in as little change as possible.

It’s at this point that FF and FG people leap up with their shopping lists of positive changes that FF and FG have brought, and it is a fair comment. FF and FG in government, like the Communist Party of the People’s Republic of China, have brought in change when to not bring in change was to damage the status quo even more. Take the last 12 years of FF in government. Throwing money at stuff is not change. Cutting taxes was the PDs’ idea. But what did FF bring in that was radical and solely FF? The minimum wage? Possibly. The smoking ban? Would that not have been brought in by whoever was minister for Health? After twelve years, where were the big changes that happened only because FF made them happen?

I’m not being smart here. Maybe I’m wrong? All you FFers out there, let’s hear it.     

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