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Shouldn’t we have something like this?

Posted by Jason O on Feb 17, 2010 in Irish Politics, US Politics

President Obama explains the Pay As You Go law, which forces congressmen and senators to allocate actual funds from old spending/new taxes to new spending, here. Shouldn’t all proposed bills¬†going through the Oireachtas have this attached, that is, they have to explain how they will be paid for?


Time for a Convention of the People.

Posted by Jason O on Feb 17, 2010 in Irish Politics

Tony Soprano TD

Tony Soprano TD

Here’s the truth: Expecting the Oireachtas to fix what’s wrong with our political system is like asking Tony Soprano to eradicate organised crime in New Jersey. Our system, based on a constitution drafted when radio was the coming thing, needs to be looked at. So how do we it?

A people’s convention. A what? A convention made up of, say, 50 of the usual political and business and union types, and 100 voters picked at random by demographic means. We set them a task, and a firm deadline, to invite experts, question them, and then draft a series of proposals which will go NOT to the Oireachtas, where they’ll only wreck them (just look at the bang up work they did with the 12 reports on Seanad reform. They’ve had their turn) but straight to the people in a referendum. If the Oireachtas isn’t happy, it can draft it’s own proposals, and we’ll let the people decide. It’s time. ¬†

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