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Fine Gael’s own goal.

Posted by Jason O on May 15, 2010 in Irish Politics

I get contacted a fair bit by people in different parties who want to almost use me as a confessional, presumably because I’m discreet. I only ever quote people with their permission, or if they are responding to a formal query in their role as an elected representative. As a result, I sometimes end up in a kind of agony aunt role for disgruntled activists, which is a role I don’t actually mind, as it gives me a bit of a look-in into the thinking inside various parties.

I can tell you one thing: This Fine Gael attack on the Commission proposal has seriously pissed off many FG activists, and people well disposed towards FG. It’s seen as childish and self-destructive and has brought into question the suitability of FG to be a mature, rational party of government. Scoring points off FF may win plaudits in the FG Press Office, but back here on planet Earth it looks cheap and not the act of a party that takes its role seriously.  

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