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Let’s let the people who screwed up write the new constitution.

Posted by Jason O on May 22, 2010 in Irish Politics

Eamonn Gilmore, who is a politician I respect if rarely agree with, has suggested that we set up a constitutional convention of 30 people, to draft a new constitution. I think that is a good idea. However, his suggestion as to the composition of the convention is mistaken. He wants 33% Politicians, 33% NGOs and Social partners, and 33% real people. In other words, two thirds made up of people who refused to change the political system 14 times before (politicians and their reports) and the unrepresentative socio-establishment who spent all their time at the social partnership talks divvying up other people’s money. Aren’t these the people who have the country the way it is today?

Give that crowd a quarter of the seats, and the other three quarters picked at random from the electoral register. I suspect that we might be surprised at what ordinary people might come up with when they actually have to produce a document. 

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