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Irish Politics: Sometimes it is so hard to give a damn.

Posted by Jason O on Jun 15, 2010 in Irish Politics

ballot-boxI was thinking that I should be writing something about the Bruton/Kenny thing, until it struck me that I just don’t really care that much. Yes, Richard Bruton is better suited to be Taoiseach et al, but…well, here it is:

I’ve just spent a weekend with friends of mine from the Liberal Democrats. We discussed European unity, whether nuclear weapons were needed in the 21st century, climate change, the rise of China, how a modern democracy works, and the role of religion in a liberal democracy.

I was also in Concorde and surprised by how small a Polaris nuclear missile actually is. I visited the Imperial War Museum’s Air Annex in Duxford, by the way. Just in case you’re thinking “Wow! The Lib Dems are much better resourced than I had thought!” Well worth a visit. 

Anyway, I then returned to Ireland and Irish politics and the who is up and who is down and it’s all their fault and not a fresh f**king idea for miles in any direction. The almost complete opposite of what is happening in British politics at the moment. The strangest thing is that I have never in my life encountered a time in Ireland where people were more interested in politics, yet our political system is incapable of responding to that, instead tied up in moronic timewasting events like 19th century votes of no confidence where we already know the result before the vote is even called.

People are paying good money to go to Naoise Nunn’s political cabaret “Leviathan”, or to see David McWilliams in the Abbey. People are buying books about how we got here. Yet our politicians exist in a parallel politics where actual political ideas are toxic things to be avoided at all cost. Even a general election now would involve our leaders trying to avoid saying anything incendiary, making vague promises that will ultimately disappoint. I know young candidates currently getting ready to run, making sure that their leaflets say nothing that could make people think they have a strong opinion about anything that someone might disagree with. It’s like opening a shop and only selling water flavoured icepops, because some people might not like vanilla or strawberry.

Of course we should give a damn. People gave their lives in the GPO and on Omaha beach for the right to participate and run our own affairs. But there are times when it is so, so hard.

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