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Cavemen bitterly divided over whether creationists will exist.

Posted by Jason O on Jul 17, 2010 in Not quite serious.

Furious debate has broken out in caveman society over whether creationists will exist in the future. Uggh, of the cave near the water told us: ” Uggh say Yes. Have no doubt. Look at banana. God put handle on it for convenience. Obviously never tried to peel a mango or eat ripe pear, but maybe God not want us to eat mango or pear. Creationists have answer to these questions. God obviously not fruit salad fan. It in holy book. When book invented, obviously.”

Other cavemen disagree. Clunk, of the cave near the water but not as near as Uggh’s, disagreed profoundly: “I not share Uggh’s hypothesis. Evolution make sense, especially when looking at hairy bastard like Uggh. Him proof of monkey lineage. Not surprised that he say no. He worship anything. Clunk see him worship dead weasel. Before that, he worship rock. He be Church of Ireland next. He a joiner.”


What is it like to lose ALL of the time?

Posted by Jason O on Jul 17, 2010 in Irish Politics

A former Progressive Democrat knows what it is like to lose. A lot. But it’s also fair to say that PDs can point to a lot of thngs that they (if not their opponents) regard as achievements, in that they are at least goals they sought to achieve in government. I mention  this because I recently read a couple of posts on Politics.ie where various things (The British queen’s visit, EU scrutiny of budgets) were savaged by the usual suspects. It got me thinking, as it has in the past, as to what is it like to go through one’s political life being so pure and uncompromising as to be always on the losing side? Always. The queen will visit. The budget scrutiny will happen. Irishman and women will join the British army. Immigrants will come to Ireland. How does somebody implacably opposed to any of these things, to the degree that they claim they are, get by? Or do they manage to find some special place in their minds where they can retreat to, convincing themselves that one day…  

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