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Irish politics needs to go negative.

Posted by Jason O on Aug 17, 2010 in Irish Politics

There is a discussion held every now and then between Irish political hacks that goes like this:

“We should do an attack ad. A youtube piece, or a leaflet pointing out what so-and-so did on the council!”

“No. Irish voters wouldn’t like that. Polls in the US show that voters hate negative campaigning. Let’s do a leaflet almost exactly like our opponents, but with our name on it instead!”

Some years ago, a PD councillor told me of how he was accosted on a street by an FF councillor, for the crime of handing out a leaflet listing out how every councillor had voted on a certain issue. The FF man accused him of “blackening his name”. In last year’s local elections, I know of at least one reelected councillor who had been named and shamed at a tribunal. In one Dublin constituency, there’s an FF TD who regularly signs up to campaigns on issues he votes the exact opposite way in the Dail.

Why do their opponents let them away with it? In the US, your record is nailed to you by your opponent, and rightly so. Why do we not do it here?

The reasons given tend to be:

1. It’s not democratic. This is the most bizarre answer. Giving the voters ALL the information before they vote is undemocratic?

2. Voters don’t like it. There’s a hint of truth to this one, but not enough to heed it. Don’t forget: Voters say that election posters don’t effect how they vote either. Is there anyone actually involved in politics who believes that? If you put out a leaflet attack X, they’ll probably not feel too good about Y either, for being nasty. So why don’t parties have parallel swift boat campaigns targeting weak opposition candidates. Remember, the objective is not to get your vote up, but his vote down.

3. We’d rather spend our effort on getting our guy in. It’s not a winner take all race, after all. This is the most valid point, and it’s true. In US elections it’s mostly two candidates for one seat. But the next Irish election will be a two horse race, with FF versus the Rainbow. It has always amazed me the way FG/Labour candidates let FF candidates practically run as independents when the party is unpopular, hoovering up transfers. Now is their chance to wipe ‘em out. Having said that, the same can be said for FF. They’ve nothing to lose. Why not attach tax rises and anti-private sector worker labels to individual Labour candidates?

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