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“Meeting” Tony Blair.

Posted by Jason O on Sep 4, 2010 in British Politics

A few thoughts on meeting Tony Blair today, at his book signing. Firstly, it was a surreal experience in the speed and management. We were led through (with individual escorts) the most oddly obtuse pathway through Eason’s (up three floors), and seperated into individuals to an extent that it was almost like a 5 second private audience. Save for the enormous number (10?) of security (ERU commando style) personnel and assistants surrounding him. What was curious was how much healthier he looked in real life then on the telly. He was cheerful but perfunctory, which given the amount of bodies he was getting through (pardon the pun) was understandable.

As for the demonstrators outside: They included that group that opposes the Good Friday Agreement and condoned the Omagh bomb: Is there anyone Richard Boyd Barrett will not enter a Von Ribbentrop style pact with against his People’s Enemy du Jour? I also enjoyed being “shamed” by them, and really enjoy the far left/right telling me that I “should not want to read Blair’s book”. One always enjoys annoying the book burners.

Additional: Can’t say for certain, but it looked to me like there were far more people buying the book than protesting.

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