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Enough of the dolebashing.

Posted by Jason O on Oct 19, 2010 in Irish Politics

If I hear one more person tell me that there are people on the dole taking home more money than they did in work, I’ll crack open their skulls and feed on the delicious goo inside. I’m on the political right, I’m not a lefty “Entitlementista” who thinks that money comes from nowhere, and I believe that people should pull their weight. But spare me this nonsense that people on the dole are raking it in. Yes, we have a section of the country that believes in welfare as a way of life, but they’re the minority. The great, great majority of people who have lost their jobs are still shell shocked and struggling to make ends meet, and I don’t envy them one bit.

I’ve encountered one person who was too proud to go down and claim, feeling ashamed. Ashamed? He’d worked his whole life, paid his taxes and his PRSI for this moment. He’d carried society, and it was time for society to reach down and say “Brother, let me give you a hand.” He was the person in mind when the system was designed, the idea being to maintain a person’s dignity between jobs. No shame in that, because it could be any of us, and I can tell you this: If I ever find myself in the same position, I’ll be down the welfare roaring and shouting for every bleedin’ cent. Shame? We’re the PAYE class. We paid for this country. The real shame is that they don’t come to our house with the cheque. 

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