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What do the mid-terms say about the US?

Posted by Jason O on Nov 3, 2010 in Irish Politics

Watching the results coming in, and the Republicans making very significant gains, raises an interesting issue about the American mindset at this point in time. In voting for the GOP, they have voted for a party that has pledged to:

1. Restore Bush-era tax cuts to the mega-wealthy, to people who just don’t need them, and which actuallys adds to the defecit.

2. Repeal the Obama healthcare bill, thereby removing healthcare from working families who struggled to get health insurance in the first place.

3. Restrict unemployment benefits to the 9% of American workers who are unemployed.

I’m on the centre-right, and even I have to ask: What sort of people vote for an agenda like this? What sort of people actually go out of their way to take help away from people who are struggling, and instead use it to fund tax cuts for the wealthy, who do not need them? In Ireland and the rest of the EU, we’re cutting public services because we can’t afford them, or afford to borrow to pay for them. But to actually deliberately target the poor to fund tax cuts for the rich? That’s just plain disgusting.

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