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But will Fianna Fail actually learn anything?

Posted by Jason O on Dec 2, 2010 in Irish Politics

The most recent Red C poll surely came as a relief to Fianna Fail. After the week’s humiliations, the fact that they can nearly get one in five votes must surprise even them. There’s been speculation, by me and elsewhere, that they were heading for a Canadian style wipe out, and whilst there’s no doubt that they are heading for what will be their worst ever result, historically, 17% by any party in an Irish election is a survivable result. Labour spent much of its history dreaming of getting figures like 17%.

What is interesting is what would FF learn from such a result? My fear, and the fear of many FF supporters and long time voters who contact me is that they will learn next to nothing. That 25-35 of them will limp back into the Dail, shut up for 18 months, and then start all the usual FF carry-on of attacking the cutbacks outlined in their own 4 year plan, and traipsing off to various vested interests looking for money off them. Read more…

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