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Only 48% of Brits would vote to leave the EU? Wow!

Posted by Jason O on Dec 6, 2010 in British Politics, European Union

Polling company Angus Reid have published interesting results about British attitudes to the European Union here. Only 27% of Brits would vote to stay in the European Union, with 48% voting to leave.

If I were a British pro-European, I’d actually take comfort in those figures. Despite the massive anti-EU bias in the British media, and the shocking lack of knowledge amongst British citizens about the EU, it can still get one in four votes, and the Better Off Out crowd can’t get a majority?

As has been the experience of EU votes in Ireland, the more people found out about about the EU, the more they like it, a phenomenon I believe would occur in a referendum campaign in Britain. Maybe pro-Europeans should not fear a referendum so much.


Pandas build unconvincing Giant Panda Robot to carry them around in plastic boxes

Posted by Jason O on Dec 6, 2010 in Not quite serious.
Pic: Irish Times/Reuters

Pic: Irish Times/Reuters


On top of economic crisis and weather disruption, new jeans make Ireland’s bum look fat.

Posted by Jason O on Dec 6, 2010 in Not quite serious.

As if global humiliation and heavy snowfall disrupting transport networks aren’t enough, Ireland encountered further disappointment today when, on catching its reflection in a shop window, it felt that its bum looked much fatter in new jeans that it had bought itself to cheer itself up then they had in the shop.

The small European country spent the evening in, eating a tub of ice cream, a whole box of Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers and watching Sex and the City 2 on DVD whilst feeling sorry for itself.


Labour need to be clear about Sinn Fein.

Posted by Jason O on Dec 6, 2010 in Irish Politics

I don’t buy the Red C Sun poll putting Sinn Fein on 16%, or the Sindo’s suggestion that a Labour/Sinn Fein coalition, given that sort of result, would be on the cards. I think Labour, pursuing two seats in Dublin South East, Dublin South and Dun Laoghaire are well aware of the impact such a proposition might have on their middle class vote. Having said that, they should resist the urge to have an each-way bet on it. After all, Labour will probably be the eventual port of call for Sinn Fein transfers after the United Left anyway. Smart thing to do, it would seem, would be to quietly rule it out without dissing Sinn Fein. This isn’t quite Sinn Fein’s time, and it’s my belief that Sinn Fein will be brought into government by Fianna Fail. And not necessarily as the junior partner, either.

Additional: Michael Pidgeon has contacted me to point out that Labour have done so here.

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