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Fair Play to Bob Russell MP!

Posted by Jason O on Dec 15, 2010 in British Politics, Not quite serious.

Letter from Bob Russell MP

Fair play to Liberal Democrat MP Bob Russell for doing a bit of straight talking. I’ve much more respect for a politician who will be straight with where they stand then pander to people. I hardly agree with anything our own Joe Higgins MEP says, for example, but he’s straight, and we need more of that in modern politics. After all, if Bob Russell’s constituent doesn’t like his MP’s opinion, he can vote for the other fella! The difference is, he knows where Bob Russell stands.


Does Michael Martin understand what he is suggesting?

Posted by Jason O on Dec 15, 2010 in Irish Politics

Michael Martin is calling here for the introduction of the Alternative Vote, or as he calls it “Single Seat PR”. I’m afraid that the minister, whom I respect, is either being disingenuous or does not plain understand what he is suggesting. There is no such thing as “Single Seat PR”. AV would allow for a single TD to be elected by a majority, but it would wipe out small parties, including, according to current polls, Fianna Fail. In fact, under AV, I suspect in the 2011 election FF would absolutely struggle to win seats.

Maybe he is being very far-sighted, assuming that AV will come in when FF are in opposition,      and would thus help them as they recover. Perhaps. But whereas AV is an improvement on the shockingly ridiculous First Past The Post system currently used in the UK, in Ireland, AV without an accompanying list system to ensure proportionality would be a threat to Irish democracy.  


An Occasional Guide to Irish Politics: The MOPEr.

Posted by Jason O on Dec 15, 2010 in Irish Politics, Not quite serious.

The funny thing is that deep down he’s happier than he has been in years. Finally, after years of being a wealthy successful country that other people wanted to learn from, we’re back on our knees, and he’s secretly delighted. See, we are, by default, the Most Oppressed People Ever. The Jews know nothing about suffering compared to us, after all, we had not only the Brits on our backs for the best part of a millenium, but we even had potato viruses plotting our oppression.

Maybe it’s the Catholicism, and Original Sin, and the idea that everything is really out of one’s hands, but the jackboot fits just snugly over his windpipe, pushing his face into the cold, wet muck just the way he likes it. Oh, he’s angry all right, and burning with hatred for the latest oppressor, be it the IMF or the EU or the bond markets or those bastards who voted our Mary off X Factor. But it’s a good hate. Not for him those countries who define themselves by putting a man on the moon or creating a superb healthcare system or becoming industrial titans. No, he enjoys most the masochistic pleasure of being on his knees and getting the leather glove in the face, impotent but boy, if only they knew how much he hated them, that would show them as they sit in the first class lounge! He’ll show them: No one gets ridden like the Irish get ridden!   

As suggested by Naoise Nunn.


Points of Interest.

Posted by Jason O on Dec 15, 2010 in Irish Politics, US Politics

I read a lot of stuff over a week, and so I’m going to try and put up some of the more interesting things I come across each week.

1. Sinn Fein cutting public services and increasing taxes on ordinary working people, as reported here? Say it ain’t so! That partitionism is turning out to be a bit useful now, eh?

2. Yet another example of why people like me are so anti-tax reported here. The fact is, large elements of the state (and its ideological cheerleaders) have very little respect for other people’s money.

3. Of course, not every country turns a blind eye to officials overpaying themselves, as reported here.

4. My kind of socialist. Check out Vermont’s socialist (Yes, that’s right. Socialist) US Senator Bernie Sanders speech against the Bush taxcuts for the mega-wealthy here. Even free marketeers like me think this thing is absolutely obscene.

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