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What the Abortion issue says about the Irish.

Posted by Jason O on Dec 21, 2010 in Irish Politics

The Irish are not the only country that has issues with abortion. Obviously, it’s an issue in the US, but even in countries like Britain it rears its head as an issue as pro-life Tory MPs seek to restrict it.

But what is uniquely Irish about the abortion debate is the absolute point blank refusal of Irish society to confront it head on. On top of that, there is the permeation of a “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” stance throughout the whole debate, where being openly hypocritical on aspects of the issue is totally accepted.

Consider this: The Irish have voted FIVE times on the issue of abortion, yet not once have they been actually asked to legalise abortion. In 1983, they were to insert a ban on abortion into the consitution, which merely confirmed what Irish law said in practice, and added that the life of the unborn was equal to that of the mother and therefore abortion was not permitted. In 1992, as a result of a Supreme Court ruling which ruled that abortion was legal if the life of the mother was threatened in certain circumstances, the anti-abortion Irish voted that people could access information on abortion services elsewhere, and travel to avail of those services elsewhere. In other words, the Irish were now against abortion on a geographical basis, in that what was a precious life one moment was, in the eyes of the Irish people, disposable genetic material one foot past the Three Mile Limit. Read more…

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