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Our Natural Resources.

Posted by Jason O on Jan 6, 2011 in Irish Politics

I wrote earlier about my lack of knowledge of the management of our natural resources, and also my deep suspicions about the hysteria of the far left. Having said that, the more I read about it, particularly from sources whom I do not regard as being particulary loopy, the more I think that this is an issue that needs to be raised during the election campaign. In particular, it needs to be raised by people in the moderate centre who have non-ideological credibility.

Two pieces which caught my eye in particular are this one  by Fintan O’Toole, and this one by Colm Rapple, neither of whom I regard as wild-eyed loonies. They’re both worth reading. 


An Occasional Guide to Irish Politics: The Chicken Runner.

Posted by Jason O on Jan 6, 2011 in Irish Politics, Not quite serious.

Eject! Eject!Repost: It is someone spraying “Tratior!” (sic) on the front of his house that finally convinces him. In the past, he was pretty hard-necked and was buggered if he was going to let some illiterate morons decide his future (Didn’t he get enough of that in the parliamentary party?) but the wife became very upset when the envelopes with the excrement started to arrive, and don’t even get him started on those phonecalls. Yeah, big brave men threatening women anonymously over the phone. He’d just love if one of them called up to the house. He’d give them a good hidin’ with the fireside poker, Home Defence Act or no Home Defence Act. God love her, she’s put up with enough with his three terms in the house without those gutless toerags. Read more…

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