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Five Things I have learnt so far in Election 2011.

Posted by Jason O on Feb 4, 2011 in Election 2011, Irish Politics

1. Judging by the strong Independent performance in the polls, and discounting the small number of “national” independents (Shane Ross, etc), it seems that a sizable number of our voters believe that we would have had better banking regulation if only we had more Jackie Healy-Raes in the Dail.

2. The single most important issue facing the next government is when (not if) will we partiallly default on the senior bond holders? We all know this, they know this, Berlin and Paris know this. But unfortunately, we can’t talk about it until we can show the people we have our sovereign debt with that we’re not messers, and that their money is safe.

3. Talking about creating jobs is a waste of time unless we can boost domestic demand, which needs consumers to feel confident enough to save less and start spending. I’ve yet to hear a candidate articulate a well thought through position on this.

4. The media, and self appointed big mouths like me, will have to admit that if Enda survives the debates without exploding/declaring war on Lesotho/having his trousers fall down, and FG continue to poll well, that he is actually quite a good party leader. Cue deployment of brand spanking new back-pedalling machines. I have mine assembled already.

5. We’re still three weeks out, and the debate could play a role, as could any number of game changing bananas, but the glimmer of fear must be in Labour’s eyes, as they look at less than spectacular poll figures and think: “If not now, when?”

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