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Did Leo diss Lucinda?

Posted by Jason O on Mar 11, 2011 in Irish Politics

“If there are only three women in cabinet it is because we don’t have enough women in politics.” Leo Varadkar is quoted as saying, yesterday. But that’s not true. Lucinda Creighton is in politics, in the Dail, and not in cabinet. So she was available, which means that what? That in Leo’s opinion she isn’t up to the job? You all know where I stand on Lucinda: I think she’s wrong on same-sex marriage, but she is capable and solid (and interested, which matters) on Europe, so good luck to her as minister for Europe. Who knows, she might even surprise our EU partners by not sending a civil servant in her place.

By the way: There has been a moronic suggestion on politics.ie that her wedding be picketed by same-sex marriage campaigners. Yes, I know, she is actively working to keep some Irish citizens less equal than others, and to deny them the right she is about to exercise, but seriously? You really think this is the best way to get Middle Ireland on board? Pictures of Lucinda in her white dress in tears on her special day? How dumb are these guys?

Having said that, she has set herslf some hurdle: She’s quoted as saying she believed that marriage was “primarily about children, main purpose being to propagate & create environment for children to grow up”. Which surely means that for every day she’s not pregnant after the happy day she’s open to charges of hypocrisy. Does she not have a right to privacy, you say? Surely her family planning arrangements are her own business, you say? Normally, I’d agree. Except that it was Lucinda, in stating what she believed public policy on marriage should be, who put propagation on the table. No one forced her to make that statement. But as she is an elected public official the public now has a right to see whether she practices what she expects others to do, as she has said publicly. No pressure then, Paul.

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