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“Entitled”: The Dirtiest Word in Irish Society?

Posted by Jason O on Mar 14, 2011 in Irish Politics, Not quite serious.

Every now and again an Irish newspaper runs a story like this.  Now, this’ll surprise a lot of people, but I actually don’t believe the core message of these stories. Yeah, there are some people who are taking the piss with our welfare system, but I reckon that most people are struggling to get by on it. I know I couldn’t do it on €200 a week. But it does, however, raise another issue for me.

I once worked with an individual who paid no income tax (legally), got subsidised housing, a medical card for himself and his two kids, and children’s allowance and a childcare grant for both. Yet he regarded the then Fianna Fail/Progressive Democrat government as being one of the most right-wing and uncaring administrations ever inflicted upon the Irish people. But when I asked him what more the government could give him, he blanked. What was really interesting was his defence, when I pointed out that he received more from the government than I did.

“But I’m entitled!” He declared.

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