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Good job the EU doesn’t have a Tardis.

Posted by Jason O on Mar 17, 2011 in European Union

The EU: Travelling through time surrendering to people.
The EU: Travelling through time surrendering to people.

Watching the EU’s dicking around over Libya, one must be glad that they don’t have a time travelling machine.

March 1936. German forces illegally enter the Rhineland.

May 1936. The EU replies, after two months debate, with a stern letter calling for Herr Hitler to show respect.

March 1939. German forces invade Czechoslovakia.

April 1939. Acting quickly, the EU sends a very stern letter indeed, and threatens to call an emergency summit.

Sepetember 1939. German forces invade Poland.

October 1939. The EU holds an emergency summit, issues a condemnation, and issues a firm call for another summit.

May 1940. German forces invade France.

May 1940. EU proposes sanctions on moustache wax, jackboot polish and scarlet red uniform dye. To be discussed at next summit.

June 1940. German forces destroy French army, drive British army into the sea. EU summit (on beach in Dunkirk) votes to impose said sanctions.

1941. EU summit in London calls for Nazis to enter constructive talks on future of Europe.

1943. Russians counterattack. EU calls for summit on future of Europe.

1944. US led forces liberate France. Russians destroy Nazis in the East.

1945. VE day. Nazi Regime smashed. EU declares sanctions a success.

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