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10 things about the West we don’t like admitting.

Posted by Jason O on May 17, 2011 in European Union, Irish Politics, US Politics

Go on the West!

Go on the West!

1. Oil isn’t evil, and even the wars about oil aren’t as much about profit as about keeping the energy supply to the whole planet open.

2. In the west, more poor people use oil than rich people. The rich can afford solar panels and turbines and hybrid cars. The poor for the most part can’t.

3. Sometimes good people have to kill bad people first, before they kill us.

4. No. We can’t all just get along. There are large sections of the human populace who are offended that women are treated as equals in the west, or that homosexuals are not put to death. They believe that we are at best misguided and and worst wicked for believing in equality. They are wrong. We are right.

5. The western system of organising society and government is superior. Just ask the millions who try to come live in the west every year, and the millions of westerners who don’t leave. To paraphrase President Kennedy: “We’ve never had to build a wall to keep our people in”.

6. The west sometimes kills civilians. The west also makes a far greater effort to avoid civilian deaths than any other major power in human history. 

7. The evil capitalist west contributes more of its treasure to helping the poor of the world than any other major power.

8. After eight years in office, to the day, George W. Bush, one of the most powerful and hated men in the world, ceded that power voluntarily and without violence to a man openly opposed to most of his fundamental beliefs. Try and get the Castro or Kim or Assad or Ghaddafi families to do that.

9. The west is filled with thousands of people who freely write and march and speak about the flaws of western government and society, without systematic abuse or supression. They have few equals outside the west. How many Richard Boyd Barretts or George Galloways or Michael Moores are there in the parliament of North Korea? Plenty in the People’s Re-Education Camps, one suspects.

10. It’s not a coincidence that the people with the highest quality of life in the world come, for the most part, from countries that adhere to western values. 

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