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A query for readers.

Posted by Jason O on Jul 25, 2011 in Irish Politics

You may have noticed that I have, in recent times, shifted the focus of this blog from Irish politics to other things.

There are two reasons. The first is that I’m beginning to find the “sameyness” of Irish politics to be tedious, to the extent that I am struggling to find different ways of writing about the same old political nonsense that occurs in this country. In some cases, as you will have noticed, I have recycled old posts, hardly having to change them at all. I’m also aware of becoming too preachy, and banging on about the same old issues that interest me. It’s not true that some things don’t change: They do. The problem is that too many things either don’t change or change so slowly that one would waste a life trying to change them. I have better things to do.

I’ve also noticed that when I write about non-Irish politics, books, TV, or life in general, my readership numbers actually go up. Whereas I always assumed that I was writing a blog predominantly about Irish politics, I’m not so sure now. If I write political “Yah-boo” stuff, saying that so-and-so is doing well or not so well, it gets a tribal response. But if I write about Irish political ideas (“What would happen if we did X?”) it’s tumbleweed city. It’s this lack of engagement on ideas that is most disappointing. Yes, there are some readers, on both left and right, who do engage, and I’m grateful to them, but most readers just say nothing.

What’s interesting is that if I do the same about the EU, I do get a lot of engagement, but nearly all of it from outside Ireland. Am I wrong in saying that the Irish don’t like discussing political ideas, as opposed to discussing who is up and who is down?

As you will know, from here, I recently dipped my toe into the fiction pond by publishing an eBook on Amazon. I don’t know how it is selling, as I have deliberately not checked because I’m currently finishing a second book. But people are engaging me on it, asking me questions, pointing out errors in it (for which I am very grateful) and it is much more satisfying. I also, to be honest, find writing about fictional politicians to be more interesting than writing about most of our real ones.  

What do you guys think? Some of you, many of whom I know or have met since I started writing this, are political. But do you read it for the political insight, or do you come across some posts and think “Here he goes again!” What about the spread between political and non-political? This blog is nothing without its readers, just a guy typing in his study, and so I’m interested as to what readers think about this. Thoughts? 

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