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11 things we’ll be thankful to the recession for.

Posted by Jason O on Sep 5, 2011 in Irish Politics

When we eventually emerge from this recession, and we will, there will be things that happened during the recession, or more likely, we were forced to do during the recession, that we’ll quietly leave in place, or possibly even be grateful for.

1. We will have recognised that benchmarking was just Bertie giving people other people’s money.

2. We’ll pay attention to how much water we use. Like normal countries.

3. We’ll have less politicians. And they’ll be cheaper.

4. Everybody will pay some tax on their income.

5. Borrowing will no longer be easy. Demanding extra spending will no longer pass without some challenge as to who pays?

6. We’ll ask do we need big capital projects as opposed to just wanting them.

7. Someone will have gone to jail for a white collar crime. Fingers crossed on this one.

8. There will now be a significant left-wing presence in Dail Eireann.

9. One way or the other, we will finally have confronted what we really think about Europe.

10. Fianna Fail’s dominance of Irish politics will have been destroyed.

11. We will have become a price aware society. 

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