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UN tells George Washington to seek agreement with British.

Posted by Jason O on Sep 22, 2011 in Not quite serious., US Politics

George Washington: You guys can't be serious!

George Washington: You guys can't be serious!

George Washington, the leader of the 13 British colonies in North America that unilaterally declared independence from the British Empire was rebuffed today in the UN Security Council. Supporters of the tentative “United States of America” were disappointed that Britain vetoed Washington’s resolution calling for the new American nation to be recognised. British leader King George said that whilst he recognised the aspirations of the American people, they could only achieve those aspirations with the consent of the country of the nation currently withholding those rights. “That may sound absolutely barking mad to you, but it makes perfect sense to me,” The king said, before appointing a small cat as the Empire’s representative to the world body.

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