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One of my favourite political ads ever.

Posted by Jason O on Sep 29, 2011 in Jason's Diary

From the Australian Labour Party’s 1972 campaign, and built around their charismatic leader Gough Whitlam. They hadn’t won an election in years. They won this one.


Could Jesus Christ be elected President of the United States?

Posted by Jason O on Sep 29, 2011 in Not quite serious., US Politics

Christ, for America in 2012.

Christ, for America in 2012.

Watching the vicious attacks that seem to be par for the course in US presidential elections, it got me wondering: Is there any candidate who could unite the great majority of Americans? Given that the great majority regard themselves as Christians, what about Christ himself? Obviously, I’m not talking the son of God, but a figure with the modern narrative and background of Christ in a modern context. How’d he do?

The first question would be, what party would he seek the nomination with? This isn’t as clear as you would think. It’s true, he’d probably be a social conservative and big believer in the Judeo-Christian destiny of the United States. Therefore, he’d have a readymade constituency in the Republican party.

On top of that, he comes from a small family business background, both he and his father being carpenters and contractors, again something putting him into GOP orbit.

But listen to him talk about the rich, and the acquisition of wealth, and he sounds positively socialist, declaring wealth a burden in a way that makes Michael Moore sound like Steve Forbes. Nor is he opposed to welfare or helping the poor. It’s hard to imagine him voting to cut unemployment benefit. What about defence, and all this stuff about turning the cheek and the meek? That’s not going to cut the mustard in the GOP either.

The great irony is that Jesus Christ would be too economically liberal for the GOP, and too socially conservative for the Democrats. Which must say something about America today, although I have no idea what it is.

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