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Paul Murphy attacks Gardai for not beating him up.

Posted by Jason O on Feb 9, 2015 in Irish Politics, Not quite serious.

Socialist Party Anti-Austerity Alliance TD Paul Murphy has lashed out at the Garda Siochana for treating him courteously and respecting his civil rights following an arrest earlier today.

Addressing a group of working class supporters who didn’t seem to have to go to work, Murphy said: “This is typical of the right-wing oppressive forces at work in the Garda Siochana. If this had been Chile under Pinochet I’d be beaten to a pulp, speaking to you now in a shirt covered in my own blood.

Or possibly even dead and on an iconic teeshirt!

But no! This regime is so opposed to socialism that they refuse to cooperate, and instead gave me a cup of tea and as many chocolate digestives as I could eat, all paid for by your taxes if you please! The fact that the oppressive police of this state refused to oppress me, that they actually allow us to speak here without shooting us even with plastic bullets, shows how devious and oppressive they really are! If they truly supported the working class they’d be baton charging the working class to remind the working class that they were being oppressed by being baton charged!”

Deputy Murphy continued in this vein for a a good twenty minutes until Jennings, his butler, collected him and drove him home.


Time to privatise the war against ISIS?

Posted by Jason O on Feb 9, 2015 in Politics

Much and all as we agree that ISIS is a threat not just to global security but actual global sanity, we have to admit a problem. Iraq and Afghanistan have completely wiped the willingness of the west to get into boots-on-the-ground  operations.

Is it time to look to our history, to the days when nation states privatised war? England, for example, used to issue letters of marque to privateers, allowing them to legally commit acts of piracy against England’s specific enemies. Letters of marque are specifically mentioned under the US Congress’s enumerated powers.

If a private military contractor (what we used to call mercenaries) announced that it was seeking crowdfunding to put a force into Iraq to fight ISIS, hands up who’d be willing to kick in their €100?

I know I would.

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