35% and f**k the rest of you.

According to the Daily Telegraph, if the Tories win as a minority govt, they intend to just brass it out as if they have actually won, and dare the opposition to vote them down, thus precipitating a general election. My fear is that the Lib Dems, so unused to this scenario, may actually lose their bottle and basically let the Tories run the country.

For what it’s worth, I reckon that Clegg needs to seize the initiative immediately on friday, recognise that the Tories are the largest party in terms of the popular vote and offer to discuss cooperation (including PR) but absolutely banging the drum that NO ONE HAS WON THE ELECTION, and so politicians must work together. It’s crucial that Clegg get the message out that the Lib Dems are interested in stability and a five year parliament, but that the other parties must recognise the situation for what it is, and that if anything is to cause an election, it will be Tory arrogance, not the Lib Dems who will always be willing to talk and listen to reason.     

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