52 jobs created by Irish language.

Flag creates jobs! According to Fianna Fail MEP  Sean O’Neachtain over 50 jobs have been created by making Irish a working language of the EU, and another 100 could be created if Lisbon is ratified.

Isn’t it extraordinary that no entrepeneur managed to make money out of the obvious demand for EU and Irish legislation to be translated into Irish? I mean, even at election time, there must be hundreds of candidates, who all support this policy, and aren’t great at Irish themselves, crying out to get their election literature translated.

Of course, I never get any all-Irish election material. Could it be that the same people who laud spending taxpayer’s money on such a pursuit are somewhat cooler on spending their own money on it? Surely not!

I mean, when you go into Sean O’Neachtain’s own website there’s a few sections in Irish, but most of it is in English. Maybe he doesn’t know?

To my shame, I’m brutal at Irish, and it’s my own fault.  Curiously, the Irish language lobby don’t seem to worried about the likes of me, as they seem very busy ensuring that those positions in Brussels are filled with competent, professional people.  None of whom have anything to do with the Irish language lobby, of course.

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