A curious DVD: The Guardians.

An interesting what if?

An interesting what if?

In 1971 ITV (before they became the moron channel) ran a gritty political drama called “The Guardians”. The series was set in the early 1980s, in a Britain which had collapsed in the 1970s, and been taken over (in a rigged general election) by a technocratic party of academics and businessmen manipulated by a secretive general. The government restored order with the creation of a paramilitary force known as The Guardians of the Realm.

I’m not (quite) recommending it, as the series is quite talky and some of the 13 episodes are very boring, with that odd 1970s television drama feature of having middle class people standing around smoking, being sarcastic with each other and not being happy with their lives for no real reason. Having said that, the episodes which feature the prime minister and cabinet secretary debating the future of the country, and how the “coup” came about are quite interesting, especially as the PM, a former industrialist, although opposed to the return of democracy, is nevertheless appalled at the extremes of the Guardians.

Very much of its time, when Britain was riddled with race riots and strikes, and  questioning its’ very ability to exist as a country. One curiousity: One episode predicts a future Greater European Economic Community which is more interested in building a European Army then it is in the human rights of its member states: Almost the exact opposite of today’s EU.

You can view the menacing opening credits here.   

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