A Political Curiousity.

In London at the weekend I noticed that many bookshops were selling the three main party manifestos. Apparently (according to online chatter) they sell modestly. What struck me was that even political anoraks like me would not bother my arse buying an Irish party manifesto, and I’m interested. Why is that? Maybe there’s a market for a more readable form of party manifesto, say a spoofer’s guide style….cough cough clear throat open to negotiation cough…

2 thoughts on “A Political Curiousity.

  1. Funnily enough, you’re right. I’ve never been able to find a coffee table book on UK election results as accessible as our Nealon or Magill guides. Which is odd, as you would think there were enough political anoraks to sustain one.

  2. But I bet that a Tallyman’s guide type book would do little or no business over there. I love election counts and poring over the results but I do wonder if we’ve (as a people) missed the point of elections at times. There is no point in your guy winning if he has to become more like the other guy and advocate his policies instead in order to do so.

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