A Good Book: The Fear Index.

The Fear Index: Thoughtful and entertaining.

The Fear Index: Thoughtful and entertaining.

In “The Fear Index”, his latest thriller, Robert Harris looks like taking over the mantle of the late Michael Crichton. Not in his subject matter, but in the concept of taking a subject (the use of ultra-advanced technology in high finance) and distilling it into a book that manages to be both entertaining and informative.

The books tells the story of Dr. Alex Hoffman, a brilliant physicist who devises a software programme that can make obscene amounts of money on the stock markets. He then gets attacked. I won’t go into further details, as the plot starts almost immediately with the incident relevant to the rest of the story, other than to say that Harris has written a thoughtful yet entertaining story with plenty of twists and¬†drama.

I listened to the unabridged version on my iPod, and it was a very pleasant way of getting through the modern aggro that is air travel. A good “read”.¬†

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